A twin stick shooter! Your goal is to capture all 9 objectives around the map and overwhelm the dogs!  Capture objectives by standing over them until the bar is entirely green and your chicks will help you!

Source code: https://github.com/rand0m-cloud/rust-gamejam


LogicProjects on Youtube


Background Music: https://retroindiejosh.itch.io/free-music-pack-5 

Contains music Copyright:2020 Joshua McLean (https://joshua-mclean.itch.io) 

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


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this was a lot of fun! I don't usually enjoy strategy/tower defense games but I loved the twin stick shooter aspect of this. Definitely came back to play this a few more times haha

This is awesome!

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Your game doesn't fit in the viewport at the beginning


I'm not sure what could be causing that for you, it works great on both chrome and firefox for me

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I noticed this happened to me too because I run chrome/firefox with the zoom set to like 175%-200%. It looks right when I zoom out to 100% though. Not sure what could be causing it, but you can see everything shift when you zoom in/out with the browser while it's on the beginning screen

That's interesting! It might have something to do with setting resizable to false in Bevy